Lockdown – One Year On

24th March 2021

Yesterday was a day of reflection, one year on from the beginning of Lockdown One. I remember that week so well – preparing the children for learning from home, purchasing masks and hand sanitiser. It all seemed a bit exciting, a change from the norm. We were looking forward to a break from school runs and all being home as a family. Three weeks, yeah I had my doubts on that, but somewhat naively I was completely unprepared for how long it would truly be. Nor was I particularly aware of how serious the situation was.

It has been a year of so many unknowns and words entering our everyday vocabulary that we previously had no knowledge of! Lockdown, Furlough, Social Distancing…. The other day my daughter was telling me about a dream she had of families playing – but it was ok Mummy, they were in a Bubble!

Despite the hardships this last year has brought we have had many happy moments together as a family.

It all began with lots of time spent in the garden and we felt so incredibly grateful to have this space. As the weeks turned into months I saw their sibling bonds grow deeper than I could ever had imagined possible. Sure, there were many arguments and daily bickering too, but they soon realised that they were very lucky to have each other. Lockdown One was full of long days in the garden – lessons in the shade, water fights and evening walks. It almost felt like a holiday from life at times.

Peeking through the fence for chats with his friend next door!

So many days spent barefoot!

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