Mums, you are worthy! Get in the frame with your children!

29th January 2020

I’m too fat, I have too many grey hairs, I hate my smile, I’ve got too many wrinkles, I hate my body, I don’t need photos of me, the kids are more important. All genuine reasons I hear for Mothers not wanting to be in their family photos.  And it literally breaks my heart.


I get it, we are the same. We all have insecurities no matter what our size or age. We are all on our own paths, perhaps all at different stages, self love and acceptance of ourselves is a long journey and we can’t expect it to happen overnight. But your children are growing up, at a rate that we find hard to bare. We love taking photos of them, we love watching them play, we love looking back on their growth and development. But what of you Mama? In 10/20/30 years time, will your children look through your photos and wonder where you were?

Being in photos with our children is more than just that moment in time. It is something to reflect on as we and they age, as they grow and become just as tall as you! Seeing their little bodies snuggled up on your lap, reading stories together, playing and holding hands – their small size compared to you gives us a reference of just how tiny they once were. Displaying images on your walls of you together gives your children a sense of belonging and is an everyday reminder of the love you share.


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Your children DO NOT CARE about your muffin tops, hair roots or laughter lines! They love you unconditionally for being their Mummy. They love to snuggle into your belly, they love to play with your hair and they LOVE when you laugh together. Many of my absolute favourite images of children looking completely content and happy is in the arms of their parents. I wonder why that is?!

Make 2020 the year we work through your insecurities together. I’m so much more than your photographer. I’m your personal cheerleader and fellow Mummy! Always here to chat and to help you with clothing too.

This March I’m running two group sessions, for max 5 Mums with their children. We will come together in Colchester to create beautiful portraits as the sun begins to set. I encourage you to bring along a favourite book to share!

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If you’d prefer your own session or would like to arrange a group session for just you and your friends then please get in touch to discuss. This would be perfect for an NCT get together or a group of childhood friends. We’ll get a photo of all you Mums together too!


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