Photo Challenge – Signs of Winter in Nature

21st January 2021

Why a Photo Challenge?

A chance to encourage others to get creative on their daily walks or simply in their gardens. We are all feeling the stresses of another lockdown, this time feels all the more harder. I think because we’ve been here before, we are drained emotionally and are longing to have our lives back on track. Perhaps it’s because this time it’s winter, those long sunny days spent in the garden are long behind us. So why not set a challenge to spark some creativity?! Photography is an amazing way to connect with the world and with each other.

Signs of Winter in Nature

I love nothing more than capturing families in the great outdoors and I have to admit that I’ve been feeling a little lost this lockdown – I’m desperate to be back at work! I continue to capture my family in our everyday lives and love to share this passion with my children. Our son Luke has a particular interest and sometimes likes to use my old camera during one of our longer weekend walks. I was encouraging him to look for the beauty all around us – we both loved how dew drops and frost looked on berries and moss.

frost on moss

It’s been very cold recently and we have loved spotting lots of ice! Smashing it on the ground, looking through it and seeing who can find the biggest piece! Here I was teaching Luke to position the sun in different places to see how it changed the look of his photos.

I asked you to capture some signs of winter on your daily walks or in your garden. You could use a camera or phone and challenge was open to all ages.

Assistant Judge this week – Luke age 9. Luke was shown all entries without names and ages.


WINNER  – This image was captured by Isaac aged 8. Luke said he chose this photo as he loves the trees against the sky and also that he loves trees! Indeed a sure sign of winter in nature is seeing many trees without their leaves. I love how the tree branches are silhouetted against the sky. Our only child entry this week too so well done Isaac!


Maria Renshaw

I love this capture, blur in the foreground works so well to bring our attention to the flower behind. Those tiny bits of ice clinging to the leaves, just beautiful. The yellow really stands out against the snow too.

Dave Bacon

Amazingly I think this is the same flower, different gardens of course! I have to admit that I love yellow flowers, it’s almost like we are being teased by Spring a little.

Jess Cook

We couldn’t help but be won over by this image! Little bunnies warming themselves up on a their very own heat pad. Too cute!

Tracy Bennie

Swans are just beautiful aren’t they? I can’t help but wonder how cold that water must be! I especially love the reflections of the trees on the water.

Thank you to everyone who entered this week, I hope you had fun capturing your signs of winter. We certainly enjoyed looking through them and can’t wait to see many more images over the coming weeks! You can post an image under the pinned Facebook post or tag me in your images on Instagram! I’ll also be sharing more tips to help you.

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