Photography Tips – Capture your children at home.

24th January 2021

I saw a meme the other day, something about January having 100 days! It sure feels that way. It hit me that so many of you are home with your children and though the days can feel tough and endless, this is a time that should be documented. Obviously I or your local photographer can’t do that for you right now but I’m more than happy to pass on a few tips.

Tips for taking beautiful photographs of your children at home.

Find the light

Windows, lamps, by the front door, a torch even! The key to photography is your light source and learning to play with it – notice how it changes your images. I especially love natural window light, take note of how the light floods a room at a certain time of day. You may have blind or shutters, see how lines make shadows on your walls or make shapes on your carpet. Perhaps you have a large patio door or a low windowsill – perfect for toddlers to sit or stand by.

The way you position yourself, your subject and the window will dramatically change your images. I find the best way to learn is through doing so try these out yourself and notice how your images change.

Window > Child > You – Fantastic for creating silhouettes.

Window > You > Child – Lots of light on your child, great for a crisp image.

Then try lining up facing your child but with the window to the side of you both. You could either interact with your child so they’re looking at you or ask them to look at something outside. This is great for capturing beautiful shiny eyes!

Window > Daughter > Me, but at a slight angle to the window here. Notice all those beautiful shadows on her side closest to me.

My daughter looking at me with the window to my right.

Window to my left with my son looking out of the window.

Window to my left, my son noticing the shadows made by his lego!

Document the mundane…

Doing school work, eating lunch, brushing their teeth, getting dressed. It’s these in between and seemingly uninteresting tasks that tell the story of our lives. These are the photos that they will love to look at when they are all grown up! Living through a pandemic and experiencing a lockdown is something we have never been through but for our children this is their childhood. We may not like how the world is right now but it forms part of our lives. Also, I can guarantee you that their grandparents, aunts, uncles etc will love to see these moments. Just the simple everyday things that we usually take for granted. You could even make a little lockdown scrapbook for them!

You could simply grab your camera and follow your child for 10-15 minutes – this is great for younger children. My older two prefer just the odd photo here and there! Now this is the part I LOVE! These tips are perfect for truly documenting your children, the photos where they are playing and often have no idea you’re snapping away!

Real life is so beautiful and I can’t resist a black/white edit!

You don’t have to tidy up!

Shooting from above is a fun and interesting perspective.

Fun Angles…

Toys in the foreground, shoot between stair banisters, look out of the window down into the garden, peek through a door, look down the stairs, shoot through a window. Get up higher than usual by standing on a chair or by sitting on the top bunk bed whilst your children play. Or come down to their level by laying on your belly on the floor with your camera on the ground – a personal favourite of mine, even for outdoor shoots!

Lockdown 1 – Shot from my bedroom window to the patio below.

The most important thing is to have fun – enjoy the process. Your photos don’t have to be crystal clear and immaculate. Document your lives and interact with each other, make each other laugh. Extra tip – Leave “Say cheese!” well and truly behind you! Encourage natural smiles by being silly together and remember that there are so many other beautiful faces that your children show you everyday.


Have a question? Ask away and I’ll do my best to help you!

I’m currently running some Photo Challenges, keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for those! I can’t wait to see all your photos.

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