Picturing Lockdown – Historic England

2nd June 2020

One of my lovely clients messaged me last month suggesting I submit some of my¬†images for Historic England’s Picturing Lockdown Collection. With nothing to loose I decided to get shooting and entered. A week or so went by and I received an email saying “Congratulations, your image has been selected!” Of over 3000 entries my image was chosen to enter their archive of 100 images submitted by the public.

On 29 April 2020 Historic England launched Picturing Lockdown, a unique project in which we asked the public to submit photos to document their experiences of one week in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Trouble was I didn’t yet know which one it was. So I got in touch because I just HAD to know! Turned out it was one of my favourite images of my daughter April playing hopscotch outside our house. Chalk drawing on the pavement has been a much loved activity during these weeks at home for us as I’m sure it has been for many of you too. I’ve been so excited to share this but have had to keep quiet for almost 3 weeks until it was all announced by them to the media. So here it is…


historic england picturing lockdown

You can see my image as part of the collection here on the Historic England website. 

What an honour to have an image of my daughter saved as part of a historic archive. Capturing images on the street has been such an enjoyable part of lockdown. Street photography has always been an interest of mine but was one of those things that I never got around to doing. It is definitely here to stay and I look forward to creating more images with my clients and my own family, documenting our lives and memories of where we live.

You can view more about the project and view all the other inspirational images HERE.

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