Things to do this Summer

20th July 2019

So the school summer holidays are upon us. Our children are huge balls of excitement ready to pop at any second and we’re sat here trying to figure our how we’re going to entertain them for 6 entire weeks! Many families are left  wondering just how on earth they are going to afford it because truth is it can get really expensive…. why are they soooo HUNGRY?!

We all have budgets to keep to and we all have little tricks up our sleeves to save the pennies. We all have different ideas and I think it’s great to share them – you could be saving someone lots of money this summer! So it’s time for me to share mine, then if you have any to add comment on the link I’ve shared on Facebook for everyone to see!


Staying Home


Stock your freezer with ice lollies and ice creams –  A great way to cool down and will save you the cost of ice cream vans. Sure you may like to treat them to one when you’re out sometimes but it can quickly add up, especially when you have more than one child! “Mummy can I have a lolly?” “Sure, when we get home you can pick one from the drawer!”

Arts and Crafts Supplies – Children love to create. You can pick up lots of items from shops like B&M, Home Bargains, Wilkos etc. Notepads, pencils, glue. Oh and I recently came across this eco glitter! Keep hold of old birthday cards and magazines for cutting and sticking. Pick up some cheap canvases to paint on – I recently purchased some small ones for my daughters birthday party form Home Bargains.

Cooking – Keep cupboard staples topped up. Flour, caster sugar, icing sugar, dried yeast, butter, eggs, olive oil etc. Kids love to bake with you and of course it’ll make a lovely treat to eat. As well as cakes we’ve been making bread and pizza bases – They loved that we’d all worked together to make our meal. The great thing is that you don’t even need recipe books anymore, just a quick internet search! I often use search terms like “easy” or “for kids” and pick the one with the fewest ingredients!

Garden Games – Big paintbrushes and water to “paint” the fence/wall/patio. Then there’s also making water foot prints, bathing their dolls/toys, washing their bikes like a car wash and even painting YOUR feet/legs! You could even have a water tea party! Giant chalks to draw on the ground or mark out games like hopscotch or simple circles to jump to. Paint rocks, make a fairy garden, plant some seeds.


Days Out


Get together with friends for a picnic at the park – You could bring your own picnic or all bring a different dish to share. Bring along some games and it’s a free day out, minus any parking fees! Cudmore Grove on Mersea Island is a great place to visit.

Check out FirstSite in Colchester – Lots of art to look out, free activities for children and great value cinema. If your child currently receives free school lunches (ALL of KS1!) you can even grab a free lunch! You do need to book first and there is a daily menu on their website. CLICK HERE for more information.

Use Tesco Clubcard vouchers for days out – Dinosaur Adventure, Cineworld (Make your own popcorn at home!), Colchester Zoo, Woburn Safari Park, Thorpe Park, Legoland etc.




Road trips – Long road trips can be hard work with children. Being prepared with snacks and activities (non messy ones!) is essential. I like to pack little activities that I can pull out when needed. This year I have – multi coloured pipe cleaners for making little creatures or whatever their little imaginations can think up! Word search books, a book called “What would you rather?” and a small notepad each. Also postit notes, colouring pencils, colouring books and reusable sticker books.

Days out on holiday – Again check out Tesco Clubcard boost for days out if you’re holidaying in the UK. We’re off to Cornwall and we’re looking forward to another free trip to Eden! Consider a membership like English Heritage if you’re likely to visit a few of their locations, they currently have 20% annual memberships.


Fancy a photo shoot this Summer?


I have limited spaces available for my mini sessions at Mersea and gorgeous golden hour sessions in Colchester. CLICK HERE to book. I’ll also be offering beautiful natural School Portraits!



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