Why write a review for a small business?

13th August 2019

Reviews, they’re something we don’t always think about. Or¬†maybe you’re like me, a serial reviewer! As a small business owner I perhaps understand a little more what a review means, beyond the pat on the back for providing a good service.

All reviews are a great way for a business to grow, yes even a negative ones! That said, consider contacting the owner first to resolve the situation or suggest some improvements. I leave reviews all the time, sometimes I do it straight away, other times I’ll remember all the small businesses I’ve used and do it in one go! From creative online businesses selling clothing and gifts, to local restaurants and days out. I’ll leave one of Facebook and Google too if I can find them. If I’ve used your business please do feel free to give me a nudge if I haven’t left one yet!

The power of a positive review

So of course there’s the huge confidence boost! A lovely review reminds me that I’m doing a good job and that I should keep going even when it feels tough.

  • A Facebook Review will appear on the newsfeeds of your friends. They will perhaps have a browse of my page and consider my services in the future.
  • Potential clients will read your Facebook review, your experience will give them confidence in me. It shows that I’m a genuine business and trustworthy.
  • A Google review, the ultimate review! Google is used by so many of us to find a service online. Leaving a review makes it more likely for a future client to find me as it will give me a higher position in search results. Finding my website rather than a social media account will also lead clients to more in depth information about my business.

Thank you!

Thank you so much to all of you that have left me a review over the years. You have certainly helped to grow my business. At times you’ve lifted me with your words when I felt low or really just needed a boost. Now how can you help me?

  • Already left a review on Facebook? Copy and paste it over to Google!
  • Haven’t left a review? Now is the time! I’d love to hear about your experience with me and the images I created for you.
  • Haven’t had a session but know someone who has and you love their images? You could always give me a 5 star rating on Google, if you like.

You can leave a Facebook Review HERE

You can leave a Google Review HERE

Autumn is on it’s way!

If you’re an existing client of mine then you really need to check out my VIP group for amazing¬†offers! A lovely discount on Autumn mini sessions can be found there.

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