Photo Challenge – Fun with Shadows!

10th February 2021


Fun with Shadows

You’ll often hear outdoor photographers say they are “chasing the light” or you may have read about shooting at different times of day – It’s always about the light! But with light comes dark too. The darkness within an image gives us contrast and depth. An image that is mostly light could look flat and dull. (You may have noticed that I love contrast in my images!) So for this photo challenge I asked you to have some fun with shadows! With toys, with people, nature or buildings – whatever you liked.

The shadows could be obvious like the blinds in the image above or they could be subtle – like how the light falls on a face or frames your subject.

TOP  FIVE (actually it’s 4 this week!)

WINNER  Kirsty. I love how she captured her family together by using shadows! The ripples of the puddles look great too, such a lovely time of day to be out for a walk together. Shadows and some fun, perfect!

Louise Reddaway

Absolutely in love with the colours in this image and the sun shining through the trees to make the shadows. A beautiful image Louise!

Aimee Cooper

Love how the shadows add to this image making it feel extra cosy! Great shadows on the wall from the crate too.


I love how her little one discovered shadows at home and was really entertained by them! Such a fun thing to play around with. Thank you for sharing her discovery with us!

Thank you to everyone who entered this week and I hope you had fun creating your images. I’ve loved hearing from you all about how useful you’ve found my tips. Some of you have told me that you don’t feel brave enough to share your photos or question whether you are ‘good enough’ to enter. Firstly, if you don’t want to enter that’s fine! Just have some fun and challenge yourself. Secondly, I hear you! But please remember that you don’t have to be outstandingly good at something to enjoy it. I can’t sing in tune but it still makes me feel happy! Creating art is all about your interpretation of the world, it would be a very boring place if all our photos looked the same.

You might like to take a look at my Tip Blogs or feel free to ask me for help. Always happy to chat photography and I offer one to one training too!

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