Photo Challenge – From Above

28th January 2021

Why a Photo Challenge?

A chance to encourage others to get creative on their daily walks or simply in their gardens. We are all feeling the stresses of another lockdown, this time feels all the more harder. I think because we’ve been here before, we are drained emotionally and are longing to have our lives back on track. Perhaps it’s because this time it’s winter, those long sunny days spent in the garden are long behind us. So why not set a challenge to spark some creativity?! Photography is an amazing way to connect with the world and with each other.

From Above

When we take photos everyday it’s easy to shoot from your usual viewpoint, after all that is what you are seeing! During family photo shoots I love to mix up my angles, especially when I capture children playing outdoors. Using nature to frame my subjects, laying my stomach, standing on a bench or even laying underneath a swing – it’s fun! Shooting from above is one of my favourite perspectives for younger children, I love how they look up and how the light catches their eyes.

It’s not just about seeing faces though, I love to document children from above even when they’re not looking. It’s how us parents see them most of the time – until they suddenly grow that is! There is beauty to be seen from all angles no matter the subject. We spotted this moss growing on bollards during one of our (many!) walks, don’t you think it looks like a miniature world?!


I asked you to capture some images From Above, either directly above or from a slight angle. You could use a camera or phone and it was open to all ages.

Assistant Judges this week – Archie age 10, Luke age 9 and April age 6. We looked at all entries without names and ages.



WINNER  Aimee Cooper. I mean who can resist the cuteness of a baby?! I love how the focus falls on her face. The creases on the sheets give lovely depth to the image, true documentary style. I too love to edit in black and white for this type of image. Thank you for sharing your beautiful baby with us Aimee!

B, Age 7

Our youngest entrant so far and we love it! All that shine from the rain and beautifully in focus too. Well done B, keep taking photos!

Robin Robards

His beer from above – I think we all deserve a drink at the end of our crazy days at the moment! Whether that be a beer, a glass of wine or even a (still hot) cuppa! We loved all the bubbles and seeing a photo of something a bit different.

Elizabeth Martin

I recognise this gorgeous little face, I first worked with this family when she was just a baby! The light in her eyes is beautiful, great capture Liz.

Carole Bacon

Absolutely love the colours in this image and the slight angle so we can just about glimpse at the stalks.

Thank you to everyone who entered this week, double the entries from last week! We enjoyed looking through them and can’t wait to see many more images over the coming weeks. You can post an image under the pinned Facebook post or tag me in your images on Instagram! Read some of my tips for shooting at home on my recent blog – Photography Tips – Capture your children at home

View my Top 5 from last week – Signs of Winter in Nature

Next Challenge – Fun with Shadows!


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